Four Buckets Strategy

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What is a Bucket Strategy

Many advisors employ a bucket strategy in their planning, especially when it comes to retirement income. Simply put, a bucket strategy gives a spending timeframe to each dollar of your portfolio. By doing this, you can designate risk tolerances for each time frame.

What Makes the Four Buckets Strategy Unique?

The Four Buckets Strategy is a fluid, adaptive strategy that has been repeated again and again. It’s designed to give you the retirement income you’ve worked so hard for. It’s tailored to your goals, your objectives, and your financial situation. It can be put into place to make your retirement dreams come true. No doubt your plan will need adjusting over time as the market swings, inflation fluctuates, and your lifestyle changes. A professional financial advisor can ensure your Four Buckets plan stays on track.

How Does the Strategy Benefit Me?

Bucket 1

Built with very safe, secure investments that are designed to provide you with a dependable and predictable income for the first five years of retirement. So you can always feel peace knowing the next 5 years secure.

Bucket 2

It will spend the first five years of retirement growing your money before it is needed, allowing you can choose investments that are designed to grow for five years and then provide income for the second five years of retirement.

Bucket 3

Gives you a ten-year period for the investment to grow before you need the money for income. Therefore, you can select investments that allow you to maximize your returns over that time frame.

Bucket 4

Bucket #4 works the same way as Bucket #3 but you have fifteen or more years to let it grow. This will give you the necessary time to withstand the ups and downs of more aggressive investments.

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