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New to Four Buckets? Check out the tutorials we have on how to use Four Buckets to create the best retirement you can.

An Introduction to the Basics

Get to know the basics of Four Buckets! Learn about The Four Buckets Strategy and how it makes a difference in the lives of our users.


The Balance Sheet

This is where you account for all of your assets, from your checking account to your 401(k). The Balance Sheet is separated into 2 sections: Cash Accounts and Investment Accounts. You will fill your buckets with the assets in the Balance Sheet. Then, Bucket Income will be generated from your buckets.

Income Sources

The Income Sources tab will be used to create your Base Income in retirement. This is income that will be paid to you from a source other than your retirement savings. Social Security, pensions, your job, an annuity, and rental income are all examples of Base Income.


It’s not easy to predict what life will be like in retirement. Planning out your expenses can help. Click here to learn how to input your expenses to see how realistic your plan is.

Scenario Illustrations

The Scenario Illustrations is where your Four Buckets Plan comes together. Here you will be able to change the variables that go into creating your plan and modify it to your liking. Your year-by-plan is also displayed here.

Tips for a More Efficient Plan

Planning for the future isn’t easy. Check out these tips to make your plan more accurate.

Plan Optimization with and Advisor

Four Buckets is run by an investment managers through Wealth Navigation Advisors LLC. (WNA)  that execute hundreds of clients’ plans. They are leaders in the retirement planning world. Click here to have them go over your plan for free.

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